Come one, come all to the one and only  Veronica’s cinematic experience! Every shot is taken with passion and every picture seems like it was taken directly out of a movie. Basically, transforming life into an action packed summer blockbuster!

From wanting to be a circus performer while growing up to leaving her native Tkvarcheli, a place no one has ever heard of, hails the infamous Veronika Savitskaya. The movie like experience that she offers runs in her blood. General Wiatcheslav Savitski, her family member, was one of the first actors in Russian Hollywood, and he passed along his cinematic genes through generations of Savitski's.

Nika embarked on her journey to study Philosophy. Philosophy allows her to get into the mind of her subjects and figure out the best way to capture them for the movie she creates. She is like a puppeteer! But besides being like a puppeteer, this upcoming film director wants you to star in your very own personalized movie experience. She is like a magician- using her camera to create photographic magic like Disney does with its movies. Star in your very own Disney film!

She has years of experience to meet all of your photographic needs. All of this experience allowed her to win a photography contest and allowed one of her works to be published in the sophisticated St. Petersburg Museum Collection. Work with an award winning photographer with years of experience who receives inspiration from French and Italian cinema along with Opera. Get a juicy taste of the big apple with Veronica Savitskaya, and let her transform your special occasion into a movie.



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